Imagine the Invisible

Imagine for a moment that we could not be seen—


Would we be righteous or

Overwhelmed by our unchallenged desires?

Like Gollum or Gyges,

When we are stripped of our identities—


Do we not become stripped of our humanity?

And what of those we choose not to see,

The forgotten and the unnoticed—

What becomes of their humanity?

I would expect we would not shut our eyes to pain and loneliness,

But the game we played when we were three or four—

“If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!”

Is a game that stays with us

And is practiced and perfected

Until we are left with fleeting flashes of empathy

Absent altruism.


Don’t Search My Bags

Don’t search my bags
I don’t know
I don’t know
what is in there
yes I packed
yes I packed my bags

lemme pass
take a chance
lemme pass
I’m in a hurry
to move on
I’m movin’ on

I’m dyin’
yes I am
but not a drug
for this man
just need a wave and a nod
to get me goin’ on

do you really wanna see
all the baggage in the bag
all the crap
that I have
and listen to my story
of how I got what I packed?

ain’t got the time
or the tissue
or the drops for the eyes
threw away
all the tears
‘cause I knew they had to go

where I go is where I go
do you really wanna know?
if you’d seen where I’d been
you’d zip it up again
and let me through
and let me through

here it is
see it all
do you wanna hold me?
grab my wrist
check your list
did you miss
anything at all?

what I say is who I am and
what I am is what you’d say
is a mess of a man
with a bundle in his bag.
not a threat
just a mess

did we really need to check it?